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At night when we look up at the sky, we are able to see the moon and the stars shining brightly. Even when we use a telescope to view them, we can still see them very clearly. The Reason for this view is the distance between them and us.

Suppose if we are on the moon or any one of the stars, we may not be able to see the beauty of them as we see now. The distance between them creates the beauty. The distance allows us to objectively view them and enjoy the aesthetics of these wonderful creations of nature.

Now let us move to our earth back. Recall a day when you were stuck in a traffic Jam, a day when there was a lot of cacophony with horns blaring in your face, people shouting all around, vehicles trying to cut corners, a few of them scrapping through the side of your vehicle. Now sitting in your vehicle or inside your car if you look at this surrounding all that you see is utter chaos.

Now suppose there is a high rise building nearby and someone on that high rise standing on their balcony and sipping coffee looks down on this traffic jam. What would that person see? Well, he sees lots of vehicles trying to make their way out, but he also sees the larger picture. He is away from the chaos and can see the larger picture. He is not perturbed by the chaos that you see all around you.


Now, let’s move back to your life....

When you see your neighbour or some relative renovate their house or buy a new house you can see it very clearly. This distance makes you feel very different from the way you feel about your own dwelling. You stay in your house, it's very close to you, there is not much distance left... this makes you observe less about your own blessing in the form of a house.

The house that someone else buys is far away from you. So, you develop various emotions about it. You could feel jealous, or impressed or angry or any other emotion. This difference in vision is caused due to the distance. No matter how big or good a house you have, after spending some time in there the distance vanishes. So, you no longer feel the same about it.

Let's have a look at health, beauty and body. We almost always admire how someone else looks. No matter how much we are blessed with good health or body we never feel happy or satisfied with that. We are always observing how blessed others are in the form of a beautiful face, or skin tone or physique of health or a well-toned body.

Here again, we are so close to our body that we are totally our body. There is no distance between us and our body. So, we fail to have the vision to see ourselves objectively. Every observation that we have about our body is very subjective. We find the strangest of problems with our bodies, while we observe the best in everyone else’s. Distance creates a different vision for us.

When we look at our children, we again fall into this trap. We are so close and so attached to our children emotionally that we cannot look at them objectively. So, when a teacher gives us some not so good feedback about them, so we don’t hear some great appraisal about their behaviour we become furious. We do not believe and we do not accept what is being said about them.

However, we very easily can find every fault in kids that don’t belong to us. We can observe their dressing and hygiene and manners and school grades and every other thing. Here again, the DISTANCE creates the VISION. The objectivity because of this distance creates a clearer picture. We can very easily see what we can’t in our own children.

Now observe how we look at the wealth and well-being of people around us. We almost always find it better than ourselves. We always manage to locate people who have better cars or clothes or gadgets than us. It’s very clearly visible to us. However, at the same time, we never observe closely what we possess. We are almost always oblivious to the countless blessings that we already have in our lives. We are so connected closely with our lives that we fail to observe all the great things present in ours.



How much do you know yourself? How much confident are you about what you know of yourself? Have you ever been told something about you by someone that you totally rejected because you felt that you are absolutely not like that?

Well here again is the problem of DISTANCE & VISION. We are so close to ourselves, our thoughts, our feeling, our beliefs, our confidence, our opinions etc that there is no distance left between "US" and who we are. We become synonymous with our so-called SELF or rather our SELF IMAGE. We continuously create & update this self-image and we also keep believing that this image of US is absolutely true.

However, as we have seen from the above examples, DISTANCE is needed to SEE things in a better and total way. So, whatever we think we know about ourselves may at times be in contradiction with how others see ourselves. What others see in "US" is a very objective assessment of our behaviour. When someone passes a judgement about us it is most likely to be based on a few behaviours of ours. However, when we evaluate that same thing, we may have a very different opinion of our self.


What we are trying to understand here is how to have a better view of ourselves, so that we can improve and become a better version of our self.

The most important thing is to CREATE a DISTANCE from our so-called self-image. All that you think about yourself i.e. I am beautiful, I am intelligent, I am lazy, I am egoistic, etc... All these are the so-called self-image that we have created over the course of our lives and we strongly believe them to be true. So, the first step needed is to separate yourself from this IMAGE.

REMEMBER THAT YOU ARE NOT YOUR SELF IMAGE. You are separate from it. This image is just a virtual construct in our mind. So, the first step is to CREATE A DISTANCE.

If you look at all the meditational practises, the underlying principle is to separate yourself from the idea of ‘U’. Once you can manage to separate yourself from this image is when you can view yourself in an objective manner. You no longer remain part of the things that you are observing. You can see yourself as an outsider. You can view yourself objectively. You can see yourself just like you are visible to others. That is when you actually see yourself in Absolute clarity without the clouded vision of the SELF IMAGE that you have carried all this while.

So every once in a while do this exercise. Sit down silently in a quiet place or lie down if you want to. Close your eyes and go back into your day. See yourself starting the day, all the activities that you did during the day. Just watch yourself doing it just like you are watching a movie. It would be as if you are sitting in a Movie hall and watching the movie of your life.

See the movie play on that big screen and see your behaviour. See for yourself how you behaved in all the places with all the different people. Observe your triumphs and failure. Look out for what you thought and what you believed. Separate yourself from your SELF IMAGE and see it from a distance. See how it feels to see yourself, your life on the big screen. See how you look when others look at you. See how your personality looks when seeing from a distance.

This is a very important and a challenging exercise. You may be tempted to go back again to your SELF IMAGE. You may not like to feel the distance. You may not like the view up there. However, this is a good way to separate yourself from U. This distance and this objectivity allows to assess yourself correctly and then decide whether an improvement is needed, whether some changes are required or how can we become even better at what we are.

You can practise this at any time during the day also. Any decision that you need to take, you can always look at it from a distant view and decide. You can separate yourself from the task at hand and decide.

Another way to do this is to ask people. A lot of times we may not like what people say to us but it could be a fair objective assessment. It could also be an intentional wrong opinion too. So, when reaching out to someone it’s always important to talk to people who are close and can be trusted. You should make it very clear to them to not be afraid and give a very honest opinion or suggestion. Then when you are alone you need to seriously look at what they have said. A lot of times we may not like it but it provides a great insight into our own selves.

So, in summary, we need DISTANCE to create a good VISION. To know ourselves better we need to be able to separate ourselves from our own SELF IMAGE and then evaluate who we are and what we do.

We may think that we know everything about ourselves, but nothing could be far from the truth. We need to explore and learn a lot more about ourselves. We need to learn this art of objectivity. It's far easy to be objective about others, however, we need to practise it with ourselves.




And finally


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Here's to the crazy ones.

The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes.

The ones who see things differently. They're not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo.

You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them.

But the only thing you can't do is ignore them. Because they change things.

They push the human race forward.

And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius.

Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”


In the iconic Apple Advertisement, Steve Jobs talks about the CRAZY ONES, The MISFITS, THE REBELS, THE ROUND PEGS in a SQUARE HOLE. This advertisement was titled THINK DIFFERENT. This is one of my favorite Ads and if you have not seen it then You must definitely have a look at it. It shows personalities and icons of our times, people who have made a huge impact on human kind and by their endeavor pushed the Human Race forward.

In one of his interviews when STEVE JOBS was asked about this unusual title of the CRAZY ONES, he said that it really takes someone to be CRAZY enough to persist in the face of failures, rejections, uncertainty. All the sane people would have easily given up and gone back to the status-quo of safety. Only people who are mad enough for their cause or purpose can persist long enough. All the smart and rational people would crumble under the pressure and gone back to something safe.

So today we are going to look at this quality of being CRAZY. What does it take to be crazy enough to reach some momentous achievement in life?



While most of us dream of having some material possessions in our lives, these CRAZY People have a dream of making an impact on the entire human race. They have far more audacious dreams than most of us do. It takes a lot of courage to do so. What an Einstein does to humanity cannot be comprehended in just plain simple words.

When GANDHI marches an entire nation towards Freedom, it cannot be explained it words the impact it had on the nation. These are the CRAZY ones and they live their lives for these CRAZY Dreams. They never ever have a dream of making a million dollars, or making a huge palatial house or getting the fastest cars of the world. Such dreams are of the petty people like us. The CRAZY ones dream at the different level altogether.

Most of the people in this CRAZY category are involved with two things. Either they are focused on creating something NEW or taking forward something already there to astronomical heights. All the inventors who lived before us, the people who invented the electricity, the planes, the computer, the cars, the Internet etc…. were all the CRAZY ONES. They ventured into something they did not even exist at that time.

The other set of creators are the likes of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs who take some existing technology and move it so forward that it changes how we live forever. Their dreams are involved with Creation, it has nothing to do with MONEY. However ordinary people like you and me almost always have MONEY at the core of our dreams.

Take a look at all your dreams that you have. What does it involve? What is the CRAZY part in that dream of yours? Do you have a dream to make some meaning, some impact, help people, make the human life better, progress humanity further, or does your dream entail only the worldly possession? Do you fit into this CRAZY world of DREAMERS?

If at all you had to be part of this group of CRAZY people, what would be your dream, what would be your mission? What creation would be doing or what one thing that you can make better in a very big way. Would you be even interested in being part, being the crazy one or would you rather be happy and satisfied with your current status.



In The list of crazy people in the ad and apart from the ad, one thing stands out very distinctively is that each journey that they have pursued is a journey into the unknown. When they begin nothing was known to them, nothing was clear, nothing was vivid and yet they are able to put their best step forward and embark upon this journey.

This is a pretty scary stuff. Just imagine that when we have to go for a small vacation for a few days how much planning do we do. How many inquiries and reservations do we make? How many things we pack with us just in case? Now imagine that you are going to venture out into something that you know nothing off. You have no reservations made. You have no packing done with you because you don’t know what exactly you will need, Pretty scary right?

This is exactly how these CRAZY people start. Absolutely into the DARK. All they know is somehow they are going to come out alive, although bruised and scathed but victorious. They are the MODERN-DAY GLADIATORS who go into the Fighting ring not knowing what exactly are they going to face there.

Now look at the people around you and yourself too, how many dreams do you see not pursued because of the lack of Slight Courage. How many people you see who are waiting for all the lights to turn GREEN. How many people do you see who want to know everything beforehand before they venture out? On the other hand, recall all your heroes, all your success inspirations. Take a cursory look at their journey and you will surely find that they all started with absolute uncertainty.

The Lack of courage and doubt over uncertainty is the biggest killer of dreams. We hope that once everything is clear we will start and in doing so we never actually start. All we do is delay all the proposition.

So think for yourself, whatever dreams and goals that you have, can you develop the courage to GO FOR THE UNSEEN, THE UNKNOWN, THE UNHEARD OF…………



We all know that time is a perishable commodity. It is also a limited supply commodity. We do not have an unlimited time on this planet. So, most of the people once they enter the working life are wary of spending it on something that does not produce immediate results or monetary gains.  We just feel appalled at the very idea of doing an activity that is not giving some immediate money gains.

However, you look at the people from the CRAZY world. They all are completely willing to invest their time even if it does not give any immediate tangible benefits. They can remain persistent in the face of loss of time with no immediate gains. Now this is a quality that not many humans possess. It is a mental will that needs to be cultivated and developed if you really want to go for your dreams.

I have seen a lot of people who are willing to invest money in a new venture, but are scared to invest time in it. They start a new venture with lots of exuberance and passion, they invest money in their new venture and very soon they realize that it is taking a longer time to yield result. They brave their initial time with some motivation but soon they start losing patience and predictably if the results don’t happen fast, they start adjusting their sails, they start tinkering with their course, they start sailing in a completely different direction, and soon they return to the shores.

What we all fail to realize is that more than the money it’s the TIME that has to be risked. The initial time will come with a lot of excruciating pain and lot of heart burn, but one must overcome it. That is what every member of the CRAZY ones does. Most of the people however choose to play it safe. They prefer to invest their time in activities that are predictable in the frequency of money payments. So, if you look at the overall working population, maximum number of people will be found in jobs, apart from that a large number of people are parts of Family ventures. Very few people dare to start on their own. This is because they are the CRAZY ONES.


When you dare to DREAM, when you dare to venture into the UNKNOWN, when you dare to risk your TIME………… you will always feel intimidated with the results that come across. The laurels are few and hard to come by initially. Only after a sustained period of time will you see some green shoots appearing over the horizon. Till that time, you will always have that small voice inside you questioning your strategy, your decision. You will many times feel the strong urge TO QUIT.

However, the CRAZY ones, never give into these temptations. They realize that this resistance is always going to be there. No matter how big you are, how beautiful you are, how rich you are, you will always have that voice inside you that constantly tells you that you are not good enough. It will always create doubts and hesitation in what you do. The TRICK here is to learn to ignore it. All the great successful TITANS that we see are not people who don’t doubt themselves; they in fact learn to overcome this self-doubt. They learned the art of silencing this voice over and over again.

In your life also check this for real. Try and recall any event where you set out to do something. Maybe getting married, or changing a job or venturing into a new business etc and see for yourself how this small tiny voice started creating doubts, and if you allowed this voice to be heard, how it because bigger and louder and how it sabotaged your journey. This is true with every human being. This SELF DOUBT is present in every one of us. There is no escaping it. You cannot run away from it. You cannot say that I will be absolutely Positive and not allow any negative thoughts to come. This is insane because then you are fighting against yourself and in this fight you can never win.

Rather you must learn to acknowledge this voice, it is here for a reason, and Mother Nature has put this voice in every one of us for a purpose. So never try to fight it, but you can learn to ignore it and move forward. This is how each CRAZY person moves forward.



The success stories are tales of people who decided to take up something that everyone was not doing. They braved the resistance of the parents, their peers their society etc and went on to create a name for themselves. THEY ARE TRUE REBELS, PROPER MIS-FITS, THE REAL TROUBLEMAKERS.

They refuse to fit into any status quo of the society. They refuse to hear when told that everyone is doing something so you should too. They chart their own course and create history. They are basically a rebel at heart. They don’t want to follow the norm. They don’t want to do things JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE.

Well what is the norm today? Look at your own life. How has it evolved? What have your parents told you was the best thing to do. Obviously, it was to study hard in school, get good grades, find a good job, get married, raise kids and then repeat the cycle for your kids. However, look at the world of these CRAZY people. You will find people who studied only the relevant things and not everything. You will find people who put everything aside to pursue their dreams. You will find people who overlooked their personal well-being to complete their journey.

These are the people who are truly mad in their pursuit. They are the non-conformist. They are the people who rebel against age old practices. They are the people who dare to THINK DIFFERENT.

So how has your life evolved? Has it been like everyone around you? Has it followed the same standard pattern? Are you fitting into the stereotype of the society? If your answer is YES then you need to re-think and re-look at your life. Why are you doing it just the way everyone does it. What different can you do.

Can you be the REBEL, the MISFIT.



Ask yourself this question….. would it matter if you were not born? Has your life impacted or mattered to anyone aside from your family? Ask yourself…. How will this world be a better place because of what you did here? It’s a very profound question, very deep question. But ask it anyway. See what answers come.

One of the biggest driving forces in the life of people whom STEVE JOBS calls THE CRAZY ONES is the burning desire to create meaning in their lives, to create an impact, and to move the HUMAN RACE FORWARD with their endeavours, creations and enterprise. These are the people who stretch the human imagination to great heights, these are the people who make us realize the possibilities in the human will, they make us know how strong the human will is. It is these people who push the HUMAN RACE forward.

Now look at the work you do. What is the single biggest objective to doing that work? if the answer is just plain and simple MONEY, then you are just like everyone else. If your only objective to wake up and go to work to earn money, then you are just like many ones around you. Remember there are BILLIONS and BILLIONS of people who came on this planet before you and many more will come after you. Almost all of them spent their entire lives in this single pursuit of SURVIVAL. Very few came along who were crazy enough to pursue something bigger than their circumstances, the very few about whom we keep on reading in books, THE FEW CRAZY ONES.

So, ask yourself, do you want to live your life as a non-entity or do you want to be the CRAZY one. I know it’s scary, it’s tough, it seems almost impossible… but that is why it is worth it. Nobody becomes great by doing EASY things. If it was easy everybody would do it. It really takes someone special to do it. So, do you have a dream, a goal, a desire that you really want to purse. Do you want to do something that will really make a difference to someone more than your family? Do you have some venture or enterprise where you can help someone to become great? Can you be an inspiration for someone. Can you create something that will make human lives better? Can you pursue you job in a way that makes the life of your clients better?


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IT’S GOD’S TURN TODAY.............

After listening to humans complain for centuries, God has finally decided to take matters in his own hand. He is fed up with the constant whining from his most wonderful creation. He decides that enough is enough, it’s time to put things in perspective, it’s time to make the HUMAN kind realize what God has done for them. So today God puts forward some intriguing and hard-hitting questions for all human beings... HERE IT GOES (The Questions are for you to my friend)


Q1. The biggest gift I have given you is the gift of life. Just being alive today is the biggest miracle that can occur to you. How do you value this? Do you realize that every moment, every second of the day, millions of people are dying and you are alive to see this beautiful day? Why don’t you value this as much? Why do you take this day for granted? There will come a time in your life, when you will be yearning for just one more day, you will desire to have just a few more hours, to meet your loved ones, to tell them how much you love them, to make amends in your relations, to set your house in order, probably to forgive a few, probably to ask forgiveness from someone.

You will want to have some few more minutes to live, but alas at that moment you will not get a single second more. So why do you wait for the last moments, why can’t you love today, why can’t you forgive today, why can’t you LIVE today. This day that you see is the most precious gift that you even have. Many of those around you may not have this gift left. While you have it why not make the most of it.

Why spend the next 24 hours complaining and whining and worrying and stressing. Why not ENJOY this day while it is here. All the previous days and years you have lived by could have been lived in a much better way. You could have smiled more, laughed more, enjoyed more but you chose to worry over things that will not matter at the end.



Q2. Unlike many others I have made you able Bodied. I have provided you with a complete body, what good use have you put it to? With those wonderful eyes that you have, which I am sure you would not be willing to trade for any amount of money, what beauty do you see in the world? With those sparkling eyes, why do you see bad in people? Why have you made the eyes only see what is wrong around you? Why can’t you allow your Eyes to appreciate the good, the beautiful and the miracles around you? Why have you allowed them to become so cynical? Your eyes are the window to the beauty in this world, why do you not allow the windows to remain open.

You have a body that is able and fit. Although you may feel that there are some minor or major corrections needed in some parts, but you still have a fully functional body. Why do you complain so much about whereas people with some body part missing, some deformity some sort of handicap are still seen much happier than you.

While all your body parts are intact, you show a classic human tendency, to disregard what you have and to loathe & lust for what you don’t. No wonder you spend so much time in front of the mirror trying to make yourself look better. Why don’t you learn to accept and appreciate what you have and to improve upon from where you stand. Look at all those people who are not so fortunate enough to be born into this world with a complete body. Some have their limbs missing, some eyes and some ears......... would you not feel blessed enough to have all these without even asking.

So next time you feel the urge to whine and complain about how you look, remember those unfortunate people who are don’t even have what you got. Next time when you wake up, put this body to good use. See good things in the world, listen to pleasant things. Open your mouth to appreciate and love. Don’t put it to some bad abusive use. Take care of your body, this is the only one that you have.


Q3. Your most pressing problem: Money. You always keep complaining about money, you pray for money, you kill for money, you cheat for money, you lie for money. You seem to be capable of doing the most heinous things in the name of money. Why have you made it so critical to your survival?

By this time, after reading so many books and autobiographies don’t you realize that none of your heroes have pursued money per-se. All they have done is to pursue their passion, their skills, their talents, and money came by as a by-product. The maximum prayers that humans do involve money.

Most of the prayers come as a request to provide money or to do something so that more money can be made. Now once and for all let me be very clear with you. I AM GOD, I AM NOT AN ATM MACHINE. You cannot just come and pray to me asking for money. There is no way I am going to provide it.

Sometimes people offer me money expecting to get more money in return as if I AM AN INVESTMENT that multiplies your money. Please note: You are responsible for whatever you want in your life. It is your duty to work hard for it and get it. When working hard and putting in efforts you will come across opportunities which if you grab may lead you to riches. However, trying to by-pass this process will not work. I don’t allow a seed to become a tree without patience and work, so is true with you.

So take responsibility for all your Wants and work for it. Stop Bribing me.


Q4. Next we come to your most intriguing problem. The art of jealousy.

Somehow you seem to have mastered this art and continuously keep on becoming better at it. Almost all your endeavors are driven by this. You tend to be so focused on things or people around you. You just can't seem to have enough of what others have. You always want more than or better than what others have. You take pride in your possessions all because of this strange feeling of jealousy.

You immediately tend to discount someone and their efforts or their success out of this jealousy. I as god never intended HUMANS to behave like this. Human beings are one of the rarest creations who can think sensibly. They have been bestowed with the brain that can rationalize. However, you still seem to be driven by instincts just like the other species. Only a selected few out of you are able to absorb this human-specific gift of Rationalisation. Rest all are driven by this insatiable hunger of jealousy. You are always unhappy with what you have, you always want what others have, you spend a large portion of your life focussing on others, meanwhile completely oblivious to the wonderful gifts that you possess. You even come and complain to me about why I gave someone, something and why not you. At times you curse me or your fate for not having what others have got.

In doing so you miss out on your Miracles. You overlook your strength. You discard all the good that is possible with your life. You only focus on what you don’t have compared to others. Now as a GOD I can’t help you in this. You have all the gifts within you. You have all the possibilities within you. You have all the miracles within you. All you need is to look within you. However, if you spend too much time on other peoples clothes, cars and houses you will miss your possibility.


Q5. One very Interesting complaint that I receive almost daily is why did I get birth in a particular situation. Why could you not land me in some rich man’s house... this is very interesting.

Now Dhirubhai Ambani was to have only two sons. I could not have lined up the whole of India over there. So obviously people had to be born into different households. I too feel bad about it but there is no injustice or bias over here. If you can read, and if you do read you will find millions of examples in the history of mankind where people from very destitute background could reach the heights of success. You will find numerous examples where people with zero or no money could make it successfully in life. You will find umpteen numbers of cases where people with almost no education have created record success for themselves.

So for me as GOD, I could not make everyone equal by birth, I have made everyone Equal by POSSIBILITIES. So no matter what you are, where you are born, what backgrounds you come from you have all the possibilities available. All you need is to realize this possibility. If you sit down and keep complaining nothing is gained out of it. However, if you accept your present situation, no matter what it is, and resolve to improve and become better from there, you can open a floodgate of possibilities for you.

So please next time do not complain about your beginnings, just keep pursuing and persisting.


Q6. Another very strange phenomenon that I see you Humans doing is: KILLING FELLOW HUMANS IN MY NAME.

This is so ridiculous. First is that if you cannot put life into anything, you have absolutely no right to take it. No matter what the situation is, no matter how compelled you feel you have absolutely no right to take LIFE.

Second thing is that I find it very painful when you kill someone, all in the name of protecting and guarding me. Do you think I am so weak so that I cannot take care of myself? Do you really think I need someone from my creation to come and protect me? Why don’t the lions and the tigers and the zebras do this and why do you do this. As a Human, you are supposed to have a superior rational mind. How can you possibly think of this absurd and horrible thought of killing fellow humans in my name. So just to make it very clear once again: I DON’T NEED HUMANS TO PROTECT ME.

Third: I have seen you despise people who worship a different version of me because you think that the version you believe is the truest of them all. Please dispel all your doubts, all the religions in the worlds, are nothing but a different version of me. These are different ways to worship me and love me. None is better or none is worst. All are equal. So next time when you feel like hating someone just because of his/her religion please resist that urge. When you hate someone for that you are hating me indirectly.

If you had been born a few moments early or late, you could have been born in a house that may be following a completely different religion. If that would have been the case, today you would be carrying the flag of that religion. Remember that your religion is not your choice. Its what the family followed in which you were born. You had no say in selecting your religion. So don’t be so overzealous in this department. Don’t hate someone for his religion or his religious practise.

 Fourth: when you decide to take up a fight in the name of religion, please be rest assured you have been fed the wrong interpretation of religion. Under no circumstance would I want you to kill someone for me. This is an animal instinct, but animals have to kill for food. It is how they work not you. Human are special, they were never intended to kill. However, if I look at history you have killed more of each other in the name of RELIGION and any other reason.

At least YOU the person reading this resolve never to go to such extremities when it comes to religion. Never to hate or dislike someone just for their religion. REMEMBER: All religions are worshipping a different version of GOD, however, all are worshipping GOD. Don’t get negative because of a different Version of GOD.


With this, I conclude my ranting today. I have many more things to talk about. However, for now, I think this much is enough for you to ponder upon. Give these thoughts some thought and BEHAVE LIKE A HUMAN.

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This “IT” can mean many things to many people. It has a wide variety of meanings to different people. We all have heard or read something about this “IT”. We all have our very own versions of “IT”.

It could be words or labels like Dreams. The ones that we are told to have since childhood. The Dreams that we slowly and gradually start rationalizing and subsidizing. The “IT” could be those dreams. It could also be GOALS, the ones which we are always told to write down and have a look at it on a regular basis. GOALS that we are supposed to pursue on a daily basis. The “IT “could also be VISIONS. The kind that big corporate write in their corporate presentations. VISIONS for our lives. OR

The “IT” could also be a very interesting concept called PURPOSE OF LIFE. The philosophical word, the eternal quest to know why we are here on this planet. The desire to know what impact you are here to create. What is the purpose of your life? The “IT” could be labeled like a billionaire or a millionaire or being part of the Forbes magazine or being in company with the Elite. OR

 The “IT” could also very well mean Achievements and Accomplishments. All the worldly material possessions in your lap. The sense of finally arriving on the big scene. The “IT” could also mean being like someone, some celebrity, someone from the movie or music space.


The “IT” could also mean a lot of things that we are yearning for INSIDE of us. It could be that Happiness, that strange feeling of calm. The feeling of happiness that has nothing to do what you are or not on the outside. The happiness that you feel but can never put it in words. OR

The “IT” could also be the feeling of Peace. Being at peace with whatever you have, whatever you do and whatever life has provided to you on a platter. The Peace of just existing and living your life to the fullest. The Peace when you realize that everything is futile. Nothing needs to make sense because there is nothing to know or understand. The peace of a small baby, a beautiful child playing or the birds chirping, or the rivers flowing. The beautiful Peace. OR

The “IT” could mean satisfaction. The feeling of finally having reached, having got what you always wanted, having conquered those mountains, the sense of a fulfilled life. The satisfaction of an aged man who after years of toil and hard work sees the fruits blossoming on the trees that he planted years ago.


The “IT” could also be the work or the activities that you pursue on a daily basis. The small child trying to build a sandcastle, the Kid trying to figure out words and meanings and sentences. It could also be a grown-up preparing for the exams, the ones that will test how much can be memorized and reproduced. The “IT” could also be your daily struggles in the job, the meetings, the targets, the accolades, the eternal effort to survive every month, 12 times a year every year.

The “IT” could also be about how high and glorified you want your business to be. How much of the market share you want to acquire or how much of prime property you want to have? It could also be the legacy that you plan to leave behind for your children and the gigantic business empire you dream of creating one day.

The “IT” could also be about a very meaningful and loving relationship with someone. The love or care that you seek, the sincerity & surety that you are vigorously looking for. It could be about the generation that is behind you, who helped to enter this world, take your first steps, speak your first words, finance your first education, bought you the first toys, taught you the first tough lessons of life OR it could be about the Generation that is coming after you, your offspring. The people who will grow up to be for good or bad a version of you. OR

“IT” could mean the pursuit of ultimate knowledge and connect with the Almighty. The final frontier in human awareness. Knowing and connecting with the creator.




We all know how important it is to work and to work really hard is of paramount importance. We might also have been lectured about the work ethics while growing up. We may also have read some books or articles about work and how it is extremely important. So I guess that part is clear and that is not what we are going to talk about here.

What we want to look at is that for us to achieve the “IT” in our lives, what kind of work do we need to do. Work as a generalization does not make any sense. We see numerous people around us slogging and toiling and still struggling to make ends meet or finding it hard to make two square meals a day.

There is also another set of reasoning that talks about Smart work. Now all my life I have always wondered what this word means. Is it implying laziness, or taking shortcuts, or cutting deals or being deceitful or taking advantage of someone. No matter what I tried I could never come to terms with this SMART WORK philosophy.

However, for me WORK as an ingredient to reach my “IT” is all about dedicating the maximum amount of time on that “IT”. No matter what fashion of work you do, whether you do hard work, smart work, intelligent work or lazy work but your maximum time of the day must be dedicated to that “IT”. We must realize that we are always running out of time. We are always depleting this exhaustible resource called TIME.

So, if your “IT” is extremely important to you then you must learn to dedicate the maximum amount of your 24 hours to it. The moment we start dividing our time in mundane things, things that are not part of the “IT”, things that do not connect with it, things that are just a ploy to look away from the “IT” we are moving away from it.

EXAMPLE: According to a survey done on a very large sample size of salespeople it was found that 97% of these respondents spent less than 2 hours in a day doing actual sales. The rest of their time is spent in activities totally unrelated to “IT”. With this type of approach, you are doomed to fail.

EXAMPLE: Suppose your “IT” is happiness, then the maximum amount of time should be dedicated to pursuing things that make you happy. Even when you are in a job/business/stressful situation you pursue happiness. You look for it everywhere. You need to be consumed by it.

So WORK is basically spending all of your waking hours in pursuing your “IT”. It is like your “IT” completely submerges your 24hours like a Tsunami. That is what work is and that is why it is an important ingredient.

Every successful person, from any sphere or field, right from Dalai Lama to Nelson Mandela to Gandhi to Bill Gates all have dedicated their entire 24 hours to pursue their respective “IT”. They have maximum minutes or seconds dedicated to their “IT”.




We all have heard this at some point in our lives that all creation begins with IMAGINATION. Even the great scientists like Einstein or Nikolas Tesla have acknowledged this power. Imagination is a gift that only humans have. The ability to project into the future, to think about things that don’t exist, to beak from the clutches of our animal brains and project into the unknown is something that we are blessed with.

To pursue your subjective “IT”, this is a very important ingredient. This is what makes this recipe interesting.

Imagination has two very specific parts. The first part is what helps us CREATE things. The phones, the airplanes, the computer, the cars, etc that we see all around us are a product of this imaginative creation process. With this ability, someone at some point in time dreamt about them, worked on them and brought them to fruition. This imagination in creation is what keeps the human race moving forward.

I am sure you have read a lot about this Imagination and how it is important to have it etc.

However, we are going to look at the second aspect of this imagination. The part used to find SOLUTIONS. The creativity is in solving a pressing problem. A traveller on the mission to achieve his “IT” is bound to face lots of adversity. The path to surmounting your “IT” is laid with problem mines. They explode right in your face, mostly when you least expect and almost always seem as if we are over.

This is where all great achievers excel above the others. They are very good at using imagination and creativity to solve problems.

EXAMPLE: Elon Musk of Tesla motors want to make space travel a normal thing, he plans to put a man on Mars, so he is very imaginative over there. However, we all know that space travel is costly. So, he solves this problem by building a rocket that can be reused again and again. This helps to save cost and also opens many other possibilities. He is yet not successful in this, but this is what we mean when we talking about being imaginative in solutions.

Most of the people around us are more Imaginative in just dreaming and less of that when it comes to solving problems and finding solutions to reach those dreams.

EXAMPLE: suppose your “IT” is a RELATION. Now when in relation there is bound to be friction. There are going to be skirmishes that may take a huge toll on the relation. Now here we need to be imaginative to solve these problems and come up with some solutions. The standard tried and tested methods probably may not work. Using imagination might take some time but it can definitely throw up some interesting solutions.



  • Collect thoughts, ideas, information and knowledge from a vast domain or subjects. Most of the people stick to their familiar areas and are not interested in any other information.
  • However, you must know that our brain functions in a very different way, it can take some idea from one area and come up with a solution in other areas.
  • Example: the ancient Chinese art of ORIGAMI is being used by NASA scientist to pack SPACE ROBOTS in a compact space and sent to MARS.
  • Most of us are taught only hard science in school (Physics, maths, chemistry, etc) and we rarely pursue softer science like Art or Literature. This is where we can see or learn the most creative endeavors of Human Kind.
  • So, the first way to do this is to go out of your comfort zone in people or knowledge and acquire as much as you can. The more you soak in the more ammunition you give your brain to come up with some amazing ideas.
  • REMEMBERS ALL LEADERS ARE READERS. They are busy soaking up information, especially from fields that are unrelated to theirs.


  • You don’t leave it unless you have solved it. Your brain is an amazing machine. It will eventually come up with a workable and interesting solution if you allow it to stay with the problem for long.
  • Most of the people quit quite early. Some don’t even start. A lot of them repeat the same old few solutions that they have again and again.
  • The BRAIN is a device that gives the answer. It is here to serve you. Sometimes it takes a lot of knocking on the door before it opens.
  • So, to make your imaginations powerful, learn to persist with problems, keep looking for answers long enough.
  • No question is big enough for your brain to not come up with a splendid answer.


  • Set aside time every day to sit silently in a quiet place and Think
  • We are not talking about mediation, but to think. Think about any subject or topic that you may have encountered during the day. Argue from both sides. Be like a lawyer that is fighting from both sides.
  • Like a chess master playing with himself from both sides.
  • Your Brain is a Muscle, it needs exercise else it stops growing.



Faith it till you make it.

It’s Not about believing that everything right will happen, it’s about having faith that no matter what happens “I WILL FIND A WAY OUT”.

FAITH! that there is something important to be done by you while you are on this planet and that you can do it.

Having FAITH that it is possible.

FAITH in the possibilities that are available to you.

FAITH that everything will fall in place eventually


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  • RISK:

Every person on the journey of success has to have a very sound understanding of risk. We have many times heard that to be a successful person, one must be a risk-taker. This is very true. However, we miss the point in a big way when we take a very generic view of RISK. There are people who are very motivated or excited perhaps because of some book they have read or maybe some motivational seminar or video has them jumping up and down. Now if these type of people go ahead and take some RISK, most likely it will blow up in their face.

So the most basic difference that we need to understand is between Motivated Risk and Statistical Risk... Motivated risk is when you are high on emotions, when you are super confident, when you are feeling excited and when you put caution to the wind and start taking the risk, maybe in your jobs or businesses or relations. This motivated risk is very dangerous.

The other type of risk is Statistical risk. Here you intelligently calculate the Risk-Reward ratio and then take the plunge. Example: Suppose a stock of a GOOD company is trading at Rs 100 and it falls to Rs 50 then the probability of it going down has reduced. There is no guarantee that it will not go down but the probability is less.

In the same manner, if it goes to 150 from 100, then its probability of going up further has reduced. Warren Buffet is said to be using this type of risk approach towards stocks. This is what he means when he says when others are greedy you be safe and when others are afraid you become greedy.

In fact, all the great and successful people follow this statistical approach rather than the emotional one. One thing to note here is that humans by nature are not natural statistical thinkers. It takes training and experience and a large amount of emotional control to be able to understand risk from a statistical point of view.

So if you are a person who wants to be very successful in life, you need to be a risk-taker, but more than that you need to understand risk from a statistical point of view.




You must be able to locate exactly that one thing that you are good at. This would be your NICHE. This has to be something that you excel at. This one area where you are good at needs to be developed further. This could be way different from what you are currently doing but has to be something that you deep down know for sure that you are very good at it.

Remember that all the successful people have been saying this for ages. Find something that you love and are good at and spend the rest of your life doing it.

I have seen a lot of people just moving around life like a wandering generality. There is nothing special in what they do. There is no skill no expertise no niche in their work.

These type of people will find it extremely difficult to climb the ladder of success. Unless very lucky these type of people will be just doing work that is very generic in nature. Sooner or later they will be replaced by someone younger, or cheaper or with Technology. These people have never tried to find something in themselves, their niche.

There is another set of people who know that they are very good at something. However, because of some fear or hesitation, they take up jobs or business that is completely unrelated to their niche area. They too will be leading a life of average achievement. In fact, these are the people who are really enlightened about their skills and knowingly wasting it.

So if you, my friend are a Success Traveller, then you need to find something that you are good at. Sit for some time and try and think about all the work that makes you happy and you seriously feel that you are good at. Try and remember all those compliments that you have received about some particular work that you did. Introspect often to find your NICHE. Don’t remain a person who is doing things just like everyone else.




What is success? It is a collection of series of problems solved successfully. You solve one problem then you solve another and then another and soon you have solved so many problems successfully that you reach where you want to. This is a very simple understanding of success. Many people I meet do want to become successful and at the same time, they want a problem-free life. They tend to avoid problems as long as they can and stay as far away from problems as they can.

However, a person on course to become a successful person is a PROBLEM SOLVER. He continuously solves problems in the work area, in personal life and at times for his friends or relatives too. He never shies away from problems. A CEO of a company will be continuously involved with solving problems. A top-level manager also does the same thing. A successful politician continues to solve problems as and when they come. A successful marriage is also a result of the problems successfully solved.

If you are the kind of person who want a problem-free life then it is very unlikely that you will scale the success mountain. Learn to acknowledge the fact that the more successfully you solve problems, the bigger the problems you solve, the more likely it is that you will reach success, Everest.



Human beings are highly motivated by results. When we get results in what we are attempting to do, we feel super confident and continue doing that. However, the problem occurs when in spite of our best efforts we fail to get the desired results. This is the moment of reckoning when most of the people decide to quit. Some give up easily whereas others hang on for a while before washing their hands off the venture.

There are very tenacious few who have the correct understanding of a successful journey. These are the people who persist right in the face of failures and disappointments. These are the people who continue with their efforts, results or not.

According to me, this is a very crucial ability to have because for most of the people results will be few or absent altogether in the beginning. You must have the ability to keep getting up daily and going to work even though you failed yesterday and day before. All the great success stories that we read or see is a sum of continuous effort in spite of not seeing results.

To do this you must have tremendous faith in yourself and in what you are doing. It is a very difficult thing to do but has to be done anyways. If you are lucky enough you may see early spectacular results. However, for most people, it is going to take time. So this faith and belief are absolutely necessary. To persist even if no results are visible on the horizon is a MUST.

To be successful in life a tremendous amount of patience is required. I have seen people quitting their jobs, starting a venture with the sole aim to get back to their last salary level in the shortest span of time. They forget that to reach that salary level they spent many precious years along with a lot of hard work. So having patience and being able to keep faith in spite of initial hiccups is a necessary quality to have.





When a child is learning to walk the parents try every possible way to help the kid. They hold hands, give the child some other form of support to walk. They may even take the child to a park or where similar kids are there seeing which the child may be inspired to walk. In short, parents will try every possible way to make the child walk. They will try unless the child learns to walk.

This is the type of flexibility that is needed. Once you start a venture, once you set out on the success journey, you need to have the flexibility to change course, to try a different approach, to take a different path. Many times people get stuck unto their initial path. They become adamant and rigid. They refuse to try a different way. This in turn starts their downfall.

So this type of progress intelligence is very important to have. You must be able to see whether things are moving as per your expectations. If not then you must be able to shift gears, shift directions and try something else. This type of flexibility is a very important quality to have.

Another type of flexibility necessary to have is to be able to listen to people. People fall in love with their own ideas and fail to even acknowledge someone else’s opinion or suggestion. All the great successful people are Learners. They are very open to learning from anyone and everyone. They are very observant to what people are doing or saying. They will always listen to a piece of advice whether solicited or given for free. Almost all the great leaders have mentors and teachers from whom they take inspiration and guidance. They have a set of people from whom they take opinions and suggestions. They do not feel threatened or irritated by anyone’s suggestion.

So this is another very important quality to have, the ability to listen to people patiently and ask for help, advice or suggestions.




It is said that the entire Human Race Communication before the advent of the internet can be stored in just 5 billion gigabytes. However, this space is enough to store only 2 days of communication today. This is the amount of data and communication and information the human race is creating every day. It is literally data chaos out there.

Throughout the day you are bombarded with thousands of messages trying to grab your attention. Right from the billboards and hoardings to social media and TV, everyone is trying to grab your attention day and night.

This creates a problem for all of us. It is now very difficult to give undivided attention to a task that you are doing. That is why the ability to have a laser focus becomes a must for you. Being able to focus at will is very important. All great creations take time to happen and with undivided attention, it happens faster and better.

If you are the kind of person who is continuously distracted and find it very difficult to focus on the work then it is going to be a very challenging journey for you.

One key point to remember is that we don’t have unlimited time on this planet. Plus we will not always remain healthy and young. So the amount of time you spend on your craft, your skills, your work the better the results you will be able to produce.

Steve Jobs use to rate this quality as the highest. There are many instances of famous musicians who were so focused on their creation that they forgot to eat the whole day. That is the type of focus that is needed. “LASER FOCUS” What does a laser do? It focuses light on a tiny dot and that focus makes the light so very powerful.

In the same way, if you can focus like a laser the amount of productivity and results that you produce will be amazing.

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One of the most Primal human need is to feel in control. To know in advance what is going to happen. We have a strange desire to seek the future. Humans spend a considerable amount of time and an awful lot of money in trying to predict the future. Right from our obsession with Nostradamus to astrology to tarot reading to complex financial software to predict the next big move on the stock market, we are just so occupied and obsessed with knowing the future. Since times and ages, mankind has always tried to know the future.

Most of our time is spent in Dreaming and thinking about future events. All our happiness and fears rely heavily on our ability or inability to comprehend the future. We build our castles in the future, we buy our cars in the future, we dream of a wonderful life in the future, we see a very healthy version of our self in the future.

We continuously try to build a very happy and KNOWN future for ourselves in our minds. In the same manner, all our fears and hesitations and inhibitions also lie in the future or are centered around the future. We try and build the future and at the same time, we are scared about it. We understand the reality or the fact that no matter how hard we try we just cannot control what is coming. This helplessness makes us very uncomfortable because somehow, we always want to feel in CONTROL.


Even a cursory look at the present in your life of my life shows a very startling fact. Almost everybody in their present moment seems to be playing a very safe and secure game. Although we are building the dreams in our head, we are not living them in our daily lives. We don’t seem to be preparing or executing the groundwork for those dreams.

Our desire to be in control, to know everything in advance makes us stick to the known, the safe, the predictable. You  will see people going to jobs that they don’t like, people in relations that are not at all fulfilling and at times abusive, talented people wasting their time in some mundane jobs, highly skilled people with lots of potential wasting it all away, talented children receiving the same school education that their parents received.


 We are too fearful to take risks; we are terrified of people or events that are not predictable. We despise the thought of being in a situation where we don’t know what is going to happen. We hate being in a situation where we don’t know how things will turn out. So, we continue with whatever condition we are in, even though it may not be the ideal situation. We tend to stick to situations and people who are known because that makes us feel safe and secure. It gives us a sense of control. Good or bad, at least we know what it is.

We love the known, no matter how bad it is. We hate the Unknown even if it is full of possibilities or gives us a better life.

So now we are faced with a terrible push and pull in our lives. Our basic instinct is to be in a known environment, whereas the future by nature is completely unknown. There are millions of variables that are beyond our control. We have all our dreams in our future, all our goals in the future, all our achievement to come will be in the future and at the same time we are terrified about the future because we don’t feel in control.

Now if you look at any success story, it is almost always a story of jumping into the unknown. A success journey is a Travelogue into the unpredictable and yet exciting road. All successful people at some point in their life decide to take the LEAP OF FAITH. There comes a time when they realize that they can no longer continue within the safe confines to TODAY. They realize that LIFE IS ALSO ABOUT the next moment which inherently is unpredictable. All success journey is a jump into the unknown.

They start with a few rupees or none, a small idea a faint picture of tomorrow, a rough business plan or maybe a few lines of code. It all starts like this. Nothing is perfect, nothing is known, nothing is absolutely clear. Every success journey starts with this JUMP.

This first person to make an Aeroplane or the light bulb, the first person to reach Mount Everest or the Moon, the first person to make a car or build a computer it all started with a leap of faith, a jump into the darkness, a flight into the unknown. Every love story you see begins with just a few heartbeats. It a jump into the darkness into the unknown. Every successful friendship started like this. Every successful venture started like this.

To really lead a fulfilling life at some point in your life you will have to move into the unknown sphere. We all have to enter a phase where we do not know what will happen, where we take risks, where we jump with faith, where we are no longer in control, where we can predict the outcome. To be really LIVING we must enter an unknown phase. We must cease to continue living in a safe and secure environment.

The present is known, within our control, clearly visible to us. We could be having a safe job or a predictable business, we may have children and families and a routine life where almost all the days start in the same fashion and end on the same note. We could be having a life like this and this could feel nice too.

However, the human spirit is meant to soar in the skies, to fly above and achieve greatness, to scale mountains and reach the moon, to make new inventions, to start new businesses, to advance the human race forward. This is what the human spirit is capable of.

So now the question to you today is:

Are you playing too safe?

Are you just building your dreams in your mind and at the same time looking for safety and security?

Can you at some point take the plunge into the unknown?

If not now then when would you take YOUR LEAP OF FAITH?

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Life is like a stock market cycle, it has its own ups and downs, its own rise and fall, its own moments of happiness and moments of despair. Sometimes we are on the mountain top of happiness or achievements and other times we are in the Holes of despair and failures. This is the duality of life. No one and I mean no one can have only one of it. Although it’s a different matter altogether that we want to see the peaks more, however, we just hate to be in that hole where LIFE is difficult.

When on the peak it is obvious that we want to stay there, soak in the moments, have fun and wish that these moments never end. Although a few souls do manage to stay there for a longer time, the rest of us do make the downward journey into that sinking hole of problems and difficulties. This journey is inevitable and we just cannot escape it. Life is a seesaw where we keep swinging between the peaks and the troughs (Holes).

When we are at the bottom pit, our holes of despair and difficulties and challenges and failures, all one wants is to jump out of that place. We just hate staying there. We despise the moments in life where things are not working out, when things don’t go according to our plans and we find ourselves into these holes.

This jump that we so desperately want, this move out that we are so aggressively wanting is a difficult task. When in a hole we may need some help from others, we may need some support to come out of those challenging situations. Sometimes the hole is so deep that we may also need to have lots of patience to work our ways out of it. Some situations can be so grave that a superior amount of wait is needed.

However, what we don’t need is to continue “DIGGING”. Here digging refers to those things that got us here in the first place. Example: As a student, if you loaf around the entire year and with exams around the corner and u find yourself in a Hole, the first thing you need is to stop digging more. You need to stop this loafing around that got you in this place.

Secondly, you need to stop the second digging habit of “Worrying”. This is something that needs to be avoided at all cost. It is equivalent to digging when in a hole. The more you worry, the more you keep sinking into that hole of difficulty. So, worrying, overthinking, etc make you go deeper into the hole.

So, then what are the steps we need to take to come out of that hole?

Step 1: Understand the process, reasons or causes that got you into this hole in the first place. This is the first and very critical step to take. It is also the most difficult step to take. Most of the people, most of the time find it very difficult to look at life from an Objective point of view. In doing so we become very subjective and in turn, we identify the wrong causes. We may have seen others and sometimes our own selves too blaming everyone and everything around us for all the problems in our life. So, if you find this objectivity difficult, take help from a close friend who will be able to see your situation from a much realistic point of view.

This identification process is very critical in every situation, whenever you feel you are in a hole. Find the reasons, is it something about you that has caused this situation, are you afraid of something, is there a skill that is lacking, is there something wrong in what you were doing, is there something in the people that you interact with. Go deep and come up with an honest reason for what got you here.

Step 2: Evaluate how difficult and consequential the situation is. What are the results this situation can produce and how much of a problem it can create? See what the possibilities of losses are. Here too we need to be careful so that we don’t overestimate the negative consequences. Many times we have this habit of overestimating losses. So be objective, practical and realistic about the impact this situation can have on your life. On the other hand, we don’t want to be too optimistic. The goal here is to be Realistic.

Step 3: What are the options and solutions available to you? Start generating answers to “How do I solve it” or “how can I come out of this”.

Remember: Having just one option is no option at all. Having two options is just a choice. You must have at least 3 or more solutions. The more the merrier.

Here too you can take help of friends, family, mentors and above all your own intelligence. You need to sit down and start generating options and solutions.

Once you build your list of possible solutions, start with something that seems very basic, outright easy to implement and seems practical to being with. Take action on this option right away. Don’t wait, don’t delay, don’t try to be perfect, don’t look for that Utopian perfect solution. Just being and make necessary changes on the way.

Step 4: Evaluate what you are doing and the results you are getting. If the results are encouraging keep going, if they are not as per your expectations Try some other solution or option. It’s very important to note that its practically impossible to hit on the right solution from the beginning unless you are lucky. For the rest of us, we need to make course correction as we progress towards our goal of coming out of that hole. So, keep changing your approach unless you find something that works.

No decision is perfect or right, we take the decision, we act on it and then make the decision right.

Example: Debt Crisis in Individual lives, in Corporate and in Countries (During the sub-prime crisis in 2008)

Here the problem is that people/companies/countries spend more than they earn, then they continue to finance their spending on borrowed money, further they also finance their debt obligation by taking more loans and thus this cycle continues and then one fine day the whole thing collapses under its own pressure.

When this happens, we have seen individuals taking the extreme step of Suicide, corporate filing for bankruptcies and   countries going into a prolonged period of hardships.

However, if at the right time, when the hole was not deep and the situation was not so precarious and if the above steps were followed then very likely the Jump out of the hole would have been possible. However, in this situation people kept on digging and in turn, went on sinking into their own holes of despair.

So next time if you find yourself into a hole, in a difficult situation look at the above steps and help yourself out of that situation. Most importantly “Stop digging if you are in a hole

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Daily Gurukool

Who is an Old person?

Is it a person who has passed a certain age or a certain threshold. Do we call a person old by the number of diseases they have or by the loss of teeth or dwindling vision? Does a person qualify to be called old when their hair turns grey or walking aids come into the picture?


Do we call a person Old who is fearful every day about how things can go wrong or someone who has given up on life already? Do you call that person Old who has lost all the excitement in life? Do we call that person Old who has little or no passion left in him/her to pursue their dreams and have accepted their fate in whatever situation they have got themselves in.

Do we call that person Old who has nothing else to do except finding faults in people around themselves all day, and who just can’t see anything good in people, people who have just stopped seeing the GOOD in people? Do we call those people Old who constantly blame the whole world for their problems and refuse to take responsibilities for their actions?

Are the person an old one if he/she sees no possibilities in the future and has lost hope about the future and resigned to fate and accepted whatever average comes by. Is that person Old who has lost the art of Love and being loved by others. Is that person old who cannot share his/her things and want to hang on the earthly possession they have.

What Should Young Feel Like?

What behavior and characteristics does a baby enter the world with? How do toddlers perform? What does the youngster possess?

A child is playful, curious, creative, observant, loving, Joyous and most importantly Always HAPPY. A child’s default mode is to forget and forgive very fast. The love, they care they explore they take risks they fail they try again. A child has unlimited possibilities and endless imagination. They are dreamers and they never fear. They do not rationalize their dreams so much. They are most willing to TRY. They adapt very fast and are very flexible in their approaches.

A child by nature is the world’s best salespeople. They carry an inherent skill of getting things they want in some way or the other. They come equipped to work their way into people’s heart.

This is what being Young feels like... Child-Like.

We adults don’t understand these feeling and behavior anymore. We consider it childish. However, remember that Mother Nature sends us into this world with it. CHILDLIKE is our default mode before it got corrupted by the conditioning by our OLD PEOPLE. Without this corruption of our mind and hearts, we would still be that childlike no matter what our age would be.

We are on this planet for a very limited period of time. There is no way we must live our remaining lives all old and grumpy. We have constantly been fed wrong notions about life. Since childhood, we have been conditioned by NO and DON’T. This has crippled us at an early age and this is the precise reason we have stopped being YOUNG. Young at heart, Young in our Minds.

Today when we look at the world around us, among our friend’s family’s colleagues, we see people who have Aged mentally way before their time. People whose hearts are no longer with that abundant energy and desire and hope that mother nature had bestowed upon us at the time of our birth.

All we see are people who are constantly living in FEAR. Fear of failure and Rejections. Fear of not being good enough or beautiful enough or rich enough or cool enough. Fear of not HAVING enough. Our minds and hearts have aged before time. Being childlike is our basic nature, however, that kid inside us is lost and we make do with make-ups and clothes to look young and cool. The beauty industry is a billion-dollar business; it helps us to put up a facade on our faces. Inside we have already crossed the threshold of age, long time back.

These childlike abilities that Mother Nature gave us was supposed to last us a lifetime. This is what we were supposed to be all our lives. Life was supposed to be play and fun however somehow, we seem to have lost it all.

So, ask yourself this question again. How Young are you on the INSIDE? How young would you be if you did not know, how old you were?

If you still find that CHILD inside you, I would consider you the luckiest person alive. When we were small we had different games to play. As we grow up we have studies to play with. After that, we have jobs/businesses to play with. Then we have relations and children to play with. As we age in numbers our games change but life must remain a PLAY a GAME. That playfulness must never ever go away from us. It’s our most natural state.

All the new games that have come into our lives are still a play, the rules are the same. We play, we win some, we lose some. We hurt ourselves or we hurt someone, we forgive and forget. We explore, we try we fail and we try one more time. We make friends, we lose some. We dream without worrying. We never rationalize those dreams. We try with full conviction. We don’t allow the fear of being judged hold us back.

So today before you go to bed, think about the child in you. We all have one. It is always there. call upon that child. Call upon that playfulness that has long been hidden inside you. Whatever you do, no matter how challenging the situation is PLAY IT OUT. It’s all part of the game. We win some, we lose some. Learn to forgive yourself and others. Most important become an uninhibited dreamer once AGAIN. MAKE YOURSELF YOUNG ONCE AGAIN, COZ AGE IS JUST A NUMBER.

If u look at any successful people they will always have some childlike attributes.

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