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IT’S GOD’S TURN TODAY.............

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After listening to humans complain for centuries, God has finally decided to take matters in his own hand. He is fed up with the constant whining from his most wonderful creation. He decides that enough is enough, it’s time to put things in perspective, it’s time to make the HUMAN kind realize what God has done for them. So today God puts forward some intriguing and hard-hitting questions for all human beings... HERE IT GOES (The Questions are for you to my friend)


Q1. The biggest gift I have given you is the gift of life. Just being alive today is the biggest miracle that can occur to you. How do you value this? Do you realize that every moment, every second of the day, millions of people are dying and you are alive to see this beautiful day? Why don’t you value this as much? Why do you take this day for granted? There will come a time in your life, when you will be yearning for just one more day, you will desire to have just a few more hours, to meet your loved ones, to tell them how much you love them, to make amends in your relations, to set your house in order, probably to forgive a few, probably to ask forgiveness from someone.

You will want to have some few more minutes to live, but alas at that moment you will not get a single second more. So why do you wait for the last moments, why can’t you love today, why can’t you forgive today, why can’t you LIVE today. This day that you see is the most precious gift that you even have. Many of those around you may not have this gift left. While you have it why not make the most of it.

Why spend the next 24 hours complaining and whining and worrying and stressing. Why not ENJOY this day while it is here. All the previous days and years you have lived by could have been lived in a much better way. You could have smiled more, laughed more, enjoyed more but you chose to worry over things that will not matter at the end.



Q2. Unlike many others I have made you able Bodied. I have provided you with a complete body, what good use have you put it to? With those wonderful eyes that you have, which I am sure you would not be willing to trade for any amount of money, what beauty do you see in the world? With those sparkling eyes, why do you see bad in people? Why have you made the eyes only see what is wrong around you? Why can’t you allow your Eyes to appreciate the good, the beautiful and the miracles around you? Why have you allowed them to become so cynical? Your eyes are the window to the beauty in this world, why do you not allow the windows to remain open.

You have a body that is able and fit. Although you may feel that there are some minor or major corrections needed in some parts, but you still have a fully functional body. Why do you complain so much about whereas people with some body part missing, some deformity some sort of handicap are still seen much happier than you.

While all your body parts are intact, you show a classic human tendency, to disregard what you have and to loathe & lust for what you don’t. No wonder you spend so much time in front of the mirror trying to make yourself look better. Why don’t you learn to accept and appreciate what you have and to improve upon from where you stand. Look at all those people who are not so fortunate enough to be born into this world with a complete body. Some have their limbs missing, some eyes and some ears......... would you not feel blessed enough to have all these without even asking.

So next time you feel the urge to whine and complain about how you look, remember those unfortunate people who are don’t even have what you got. Next time when you wake up, put this body to good use. See good things in the world, listen to pleasant things. Open your mouth to appreciate and love. Don’t put it to some bad abusive use. Take care of your body, this is the only one that you have.


Q3. Your most pressing problem: Money. You always keep complaining about money, you pray for money, you kill for money, you cheat for money, you lie for money. You seem to be capable of doing the most heinous things in the name of money. Why have you made it so critical to your survival?

By this time, after reading so many books and autobiographies don’t you realize that none of your heroes have pursued money per-se. All they have done is to pursue their passion, their skills, their talents, and money came by as a by-product. The maximum prayers that humans do involve money.

Most of the prayers come as a request to provide money or to do something so that more money can be made. Now once and for all let me be very clear with you. I AM GOD, I AM NOT AN ATM MACHINE. You cannot just come and pray to me asking for money. There is no way I am going to provide it.

Sometimes people offer me money expecting to get more money in return as if I AM AN INVESTMENT that multiplies your money. Please note: You are responsible for whatever you want in your life. It is your duty to work hard for it and get it. When working hard and putting in efforts you will come across opportunities which if you grab may lead you to riches. However, trying to by-pass this process will not work. I don’t allow a seed to become a tree without patience and work, so is true with you.

So take responsibility for all your Wants and work for it. Stop Bribing me.


Q4. Next we come to your most intriguing problem. The art of jealousy.

Somehow you seem to have mastered this art and continuously keep on becoming better at it. Almost all your endeavors are driven by this. You tend to be so focused on things or people around you. You just can't seem to have enough of what others have. You always want more than or better than what others have. You take pride in your possessions all because of this strange feeling of jealousy.

You immediately tend to discount someone and their efforts or their success out of this jealousy. I as god never intended HUMANS to behave like this. Human beings are one of the rarest creations who can think sensibly. They have been bestowed with the brain that can rationalize. However, you still seem to be driven by instincts just like the other species. Only a selected few out of you are able to absorb this human-specific gift of Rationalisation. Rest all are driven by this insatiable hunger of jealousy. You are always unhappy with what you have, you always want what others have, you spend a large portion of your life focussing on others, meanwhile completely oblivious to the wonderful gifts that you possess. You even come and complain to me about why I gave someone, something and why not you. At times you curse me or your fate for not having what others have got.

In doing so you miss out on your Miracles. You overlook your strength. You discard all the good that is possible with your life. You only focus on what you don’t have compared to others. Now as a GOD I can’t help you in this. You have all the gifts within you. You have all the possibilities within you. You have all the miracles within you. All you need is to look within you. However, if you spend too much time on other peoples clothes, cars and houses you will miss your possibility.


Q5. One very Interesting complaint that I receive almost daily is why did I get birth in a particular situation. Why could you not land me in some rich man’s house... this is very interesting.

Now Dhirubhai Ambani was to have only two sons. I could not have lined up the whole of India over there. So obviously people had to be born into different households. I too feel bad about it but there is no injustice or bias over here. If you can read, and if you do read you will find millions of examples in the history of mankind where people from very destitute background could reach the heights of success. You will find numerous examples where people with zero or no money could make it successfully in life. You will find umpteen numbers of cases where people with almost no education have created record success for themselves.

So for me as GOD, I could not make everyone equal by birth, I have made everyone Equal by POSSIBILITIES. So no matter what you are, where you are born, what backgrounds you come from you have all the possibilities available. All you need is to realize this possibility. If you sit down and keep complaining nothing is gained out of it. However, if you accept your present situation, no matter what it is, and resolve to improve and become better from there, you can open a floodgate of possibilities for you.

So please next time do not complain about your beginnings, just keep pursuing and persisting.


Q6. Another very strange phenomenon that I see you Humans doing is: KILLING FELLOW HUMANS IN MY NAME.

This is so ridiculous. First is that if you cannot put life into anything, you have absolutely no right to take it. No matter what the situation is, no matter how compelled you feel you have absolutely no right to take LIFE.

Second thing is that I find it very painful when you kill someone, all in the name of protecting and guarding me. Do you think I am so weak so that I cannot take care of myself? Do you really think I need someone from my creation to come and protect me? Why don’t the lions and the tigers and the zebras do this and why do you do this. As a Human, you are supposed to have a superior rational mind. How can you possibly think of this absurd and horrible thought of killing fellow humans in my name. So just to make it very clear once again: I DON’T NEED HUMANS TO PROTECT ME.

Third: I have seen you despise people who worship a different version of me because you think that the version you believe is the truest of them all. Please dispel all your doubts, all the religions in the worlds, are nothing but a different version of me. These are different ways to worship me and love me. None is better or none is worst. All are equal. So next time when you feel like hating someone just because of his/her religion please resist that urge. When you hate someone for that you are hating me indirectly.

If you had been born a few moments early or late, you could have been born in a house that may be following a completely different religion. If that would have been the case, today you would be carrying the flag of that religion. Remember that your religion is not your choice. Its what the family followed in which you were born. You had no say in selecting your religion. So don’t be so overzealous in this department. Don’t hate someone for his religion or his religious practise.

 Fourth: when you decide to take up a fight in the name of religion, please be rest assured you have been fed the wrong interpretation of religion. Under no circumstance would I want you to kill someone for me. This is an animal instinct, but animals have to kill for food. It is how they work not you. Human are special, they were never intended to kill. However, if I look at history you have killed more of each other in the name of RELIGION and any other reason.

At least YOU the person reading this resolve never to go to such extremities when it comes to religion. Never to hate or dislike someone just for their religion. REMEMBER: All religions are worshipping a different version of GOD, however, all are worshipping GOD. Don’t get negative because of a different Version of GOD.


With this, I conclude my ranting today. I have many more things to talk about. However, for now, I think this much is enough for you to ponder upon. Give these thoughts some thought and BEHAVE LIKE A HUMAN.