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Here's to the crazy ones.

The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes.

The ones who see things differently. They're not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo.

You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them.

But the only thing you can't do is ignore them. Because they change things.

They push the human race forward.

And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius.

Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”


In the iconic Apple Advertisement, Steve Jobs talks about the CRAZY ONES, The MISFITS, THE REBELS, THE ROUND PEGS in a SQUARE HOLE. This advertisement was titled THINK DIFFERENT. This is one of my favorite Ads and if you have not seen it then You must definitely have a look at it. It shows personalities and icons of our times, people who have made a huge impact on human kind and by their endeavor pushed the Human Race forward.

In one of his interviews when STEVE JOBS was asked about this unusual title of the CRAZY ONES, he said that it really takes someone to be CRAZY enough to persist in the face of failures, rejections, uncertainty. All the sane people would have easily given up and gone back to the status-quo of safety. Only people who are mad enough for their cause or purpose can persist long enough. All the smart and rational people would crumble under the pressure and gone back to something safe.

So today we are going to look at this quality of being CRAZY. What does it take to be crazy enough to reach some momentous achievement in life?



While most of us dream of having some material possessions in our lives, these CRAZY People have a dream of making an impact on the entire human race. They have far more audacious dreams than most of us do. It takes a lot of courage to do so. What an Einstein does to humanity cannot be comprehended in just plain simple words.

When GANDHI marches an entire nation towards Freedom, it cannot be explained it words the impact it had on the nation. These are the CRAZY ones and they live their lives for these CRAZY Dreams. They never ever have a dream of making a million dollars, or making a huge palatial house or getting the fastest cars of the world. Such dreams are of the petty people like us. The CRAZY ones dream at the different level altogether.

Most of the people in this CRAZY category are involved with two things. Either they are focused on creating something NEW or taking forward something already there to astronomical heights. All the inventors who lived before us, the people who invented the electricity, the planes, the computer, the cars, the Internet etc…. were all the CRAZY ONES. They ventured into something they did not even exist at that time.

The other set of creators are the likes of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs who take some existing technology and move it so forward that it changes how we live forever. Their dreams are involved with Creation, it has nothing to do with MONEY. However ordinary people like you and me almost always have MONEY at the core of our dreams.

Take a look at all your dreams that you have. What does it involve? What is the CRAZY part in that dream of yours? Do you have a dream to make some meaning, some impact, help people, make the human life better, progress humanity further, or does your dream entail only the worldly possession? Do you fit into this CRAZY world of DREAMERS?

If at all you had to be part of this group of CRAZY people, what would be your dream, what would be your mission? What creation would be doing or what one thing that you can make better in a very big way. Would you be even interested in being part, being the crazy one or would you rather be happy and satisfied with your current status.



In The list of crazy people in the ad and apart from the ad, one thing stands out very distinctively is that each journey that they have pursued is a journey into the unknown. When they begin nothing was known to them, nothing was clear, nothing was vivid and yet they are able to put their best step forward and embark upon this journey.

This is a pretty scary stuff. Just imagine that when we have to go for a small vacation for a few days how much planning do we do. How many inquiries and reservations do we make? How many things we pack with us just in case? Now imagine that you are going to venture out into something that you know nothing off. You have no reservations made. You have no packing done with you because you don’t know what exactly you will need, Pretty scary right?

This is exactly how these CRAZY people start. Absolutely into the DARK. All they know is somehow they are going to come out alive, although bruised and scathed but victorious. They are the MODERN-DAY GLADIATORS who go into the Fighting ring not knowing what exactly are they going to face there.

Now look at the people around you and yourself too, how many dreams do you see not pursued because of the lack of Slight Courage. How many people you see who are waiting for all the lights to turn GREEN. How many people do you see who want to know everything beforehand before they venture out? On the other hand, recall all your heroes, all your success inspirations. Take a cursory look at their journey and you will surely find that they all started with absolute uncertainty.

The Lack of courage and doubt over uncertainty is the biggest killer of dreams. We hope that once everything is clear we will start and in doing so we never actually start. All we do is delay all the proposition.

So think for yourself, whatever dreams and goals that you have, can you develop the courage to GO FOR THE UNSEEN, THE UNKNOWN, THE UNHEARD OF…………



We all know that time is a perishable commodity. It is also a limited supply commodity. We do not have an unlimited time on this planet. So, most of the people once they enter the working life are wary of spending it on something that does not produce immediate results or monetary gains.  We just feel appalled at the very idea of doing an activity that is not giving some immediate money gains.

However, you look at the people from the CRAZY world. They all are completely willing to invest their time even if it does not give any immediate tangible benefits. They can remain persistent in the face of loss of time with no immediate gains. Now this is a quality that not many humans possess. It is a mental will that needs to be cultivated and developed if you really want to go for your dreams.

I have seen a lot of people who are willing to invest money in a new venture, but are scared to invest time in it. They start a new venture with lots of exuberance and passion, they invest money in their new venture and very soon they realize that it is taking a longer time to yield result. They brave their initial time with some motivation but soon they start losing patience and predictably if the results don’t happen fast, they start adjusting their sails, they start tinkering with their course, they start sailing in a completely different direction, and soon they return to the shores.

What we all fail to realize is that more than the money it’s the TIME that has to be risked. The initial time will come with a lot of excruciating pain and lot of heart burn, but one must overcome it. That is what every member of the CRAZY ones does. Most of the people however choose to play it safe. They prefer to invest their time in activities that are predictable in the frequency of money payments. So, if you look at the overall working population, maximum number of people will be found in jobs, apart from that a large number of people are parts of Family ventures. Very few people dare to start on their own. This is because they are the CRAZY ONES.


When you dare to DREAM, when you dare to venture into the UNKNOWN, when you dare to risk your TIME………… you will always feel intimidated with the results that come across. The laurels are few and hard to come by initially. Only after a sustained period of time will you see some green shoots appearing over the horizon. Till that time, you will always have that small voice inside you questioning your strategy, your decision. You will many times feel the strong urge TO QUIT.

However, the CRAZY ones, never give into these temptations. They realize that this resistance is always going to be there. No matter how big you are, how beautiful you are, how rich you are, you will always have that voice inside you that constantly tells you that you are not good enough. It will always create doubts and hesitation in what you do. The TRICK here is to learn to ignore it. All the great successful TITANS that we see are not people who don’t doubt themselves; they in fact learn to overcome this self-doubt. They learned the art of silencing this voice over and over again.

In your life also check this for real. Try and recall any event where you set out to do something. Maybe getting married, or changing a job or venturing into a new business etc and see for yourself how this small tiny voice started creating doubts, and if you allowed this voice to be heard, how it because bigger and louder and how it sabotaged your journey. This is true with every human being. This SELF DOUBT is present in every one of us. There is no escaping it. You cannot run away from it. You cannot say that I will be absolutely Positive and not allow any negative thoughts to come. This is insane because then you are fighting against yourself and in this fight you can never win.

Rather you must learn to acknowledge this voice, it is here for a reason, and Mother Nature has put this voice in every one of us for a purpose. So never try to fight it, but you can learn to ignore it and move forward. This is how each CRAZY person moves forward.



The success stories are tales of people who decided to take up something that everyone was not doing. They braved the resistance of the parents, their peers their society etc and went on to create a name for themselves. THEY ARE TRUE REBELS, PROPER MIS-FITS, THE REAL TROUBLEMAKERS.

They refuse to fit into any status quo of the society. They refuse to hear when told that everyone is doing something so you should too. They chart their own course and create history. They are basically a rebel at heart. They don’t want to follow the norm. They don’t want to do things JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE.

Well what is the norm today? Look at your own life. How has it evolved? What have your parents told you was the best thing to do. Obviously, it was to study hard in school, get good grades, find a good job, get married, raise kids and then repeat the cycle for your kids. However, look at the world of these CRAZY people. You will find people who studied only the relevant things and not everything. You will find people who put everything aside to pursue their dreams. You will find people who overlooked their personal well-being to complete their journey.

These are the people who are truly mad in their pursuit. They are the non-conformist. They are the people who rebel against age old practices. They are the people who dare to THINK DIFFERENT.

So how has your life evolved? Has it been like everyone around you? Has it followed the same standard pattern? Are you fitting into the stereotype of the society? If your answer is YES then you need to re-think and re-look at your life. Why are you doing it just the way everyone does it. What different can you do.

Can you be the REBEL, the MISFIT.



Ask yourself this question….. would it matter if you were not born? Has your life impacted or mattered to anyone aside from your family? Ask yourself…. How will this world be a better place because of what you did here? It’s a very profound question, very deep question. But ask it anyway. See what answers come.

One of the biggest driving forces in the life of people whom STEVE JOBS calls THE CRAZY ONES is the burning desire to create meaning in their lives, to create an impact, and to move the HUMAN RACE FORWARD with their endeavours, creations and enterprise. These are the people who stretch the human imagination to great heights, these are the people who make us realize the possibilities in the human will, they make us know how strong the human will is. It is these people who push the HUMAN RACE forward.

Now look at the work you do. What is the single biggest objective to doing that work? if the answer is just plain and simple MONEY, then you are just like everyone else. If your only objective to wake up and go to work to earn money, then you are just like many ones around you. Remember there are BILLIONS and BILLIONS of people who came on this planet before you and many more will come after you. Almost all of them spent their entire lives in this single pursuit of SURVIVAL. Very few came along who were crazy enough to pursue something bigger than their circumstances, the very few about whom we keep on reading in books, THE FEW CRAZY ONES.

So, ask yourself, do you want to live your life as a non-entity or do you want to be the CRAZY one. I know it’s scary, it’s tough, it seems almost impossible… but that is why it is worth it. Nobody becomes great by doing EASY things. If it was easy everybody would do it. It really takes someone special to do it. So, do you have a dream, a goal, a desire that you really want to purse. Do you want to do something that will really make a difference to someone more than your family? Do you have some venture or enterprise where you can help someone to become great? Can you be an inspiration for someone. Can you create something that will make human lives better? Can you pursue you job in a way that makes the life of your clients better?