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  • RISK:

Every person on the journey of success has to have a very sound understanding of risk. We have many times heard that to be a successful person, one must be a risk-taker. This is very true. However, we miss the point in a big way when we take a very generic view of RISK. There are people who are very motivated or excited perhaps because of some book they have read or maybe some motivational seminar or video has them jumping up and down. Now if these type of people go ahead and take some RISK, most likely it will blow up in their face.

So the most basic difference that we need to understand is between Motivated Risk and Statistical Risk... Motivated risk is when you are high on emotions, when you are super confident, when you are feeling excited and when you put caution to the wind and start taking the risk, maybe in your jobs or businesses or relations. This motivated risk is very dangerous.

The other type of risk is Statistical risk. Here you intelligently calculate the Risk-Reward ratio and then take the plunge. Example: Suppose a stock of a GOOD company is trading at Rs 100 and it falls to Rs 50 then the probability of it going down has reduced. There is no guarantee that it will not go down but the probability is less.

In the same manner, if it goes to 150 from 100, then its probability of going up further has reduced. Warren Buffet is said to be using this type of risk approach towards stocks. This is what he means when he says when others are greedy you be safe and when others are afraid you become greedy.

In fact, all the great and successful people follow this statistical approach rather than the emotional one. One thing to note here is that humans by nature are not natural statistical thinkers. It takes training and experience and a large amount of emotional control to be able to understand risk from a statistical point of view.

So if you are a person who wants to be very successful in life, you need to be a risk-taker, but more than that you need to understand risk from a statistical point of view.




You must be able to locate exactly that one thing that you are good at. This would be your NICHE. This has to be something that you excel at. This one area where you are good at needs to be developed further. This could be way different from what you are currently doing but has to be something that you deep down know for sure that you are very good at it.

Remember that all the successful people have been saying this for ages. Find something that you love and are good at and spend the rest of your life doing it.

I have seen a lot of people just moving around life like a wandering generality. There is nothing special in what they do. There is no skill no expertise no niche in their work.

These type of people will find it extremely difficult to climb the ladder of success. Unless very lucky these type of people will be just doing work that is very generic in nature. Sooner or later they will be replaced by someone younger, or cheaper or with Technology. These people have never tried to find something in themselves, their niche.

There is another set of people who know that they are very good at something. However, because of some fear or hesitation, they take up jobs or business that is completely unrelated to their niche area. They too will be leading a life of average achievement. In fact, these are the people who are really enlightened about their skills and knowingly wasting it.

So if you, my friend are a Success Traveller, then you need to find something that you are good at. Sit for some time and try and think about all the work that makes you happy and you seriously feel that you are good at. Try and remember all those compliments that you have received about some particular work that you did. Introspect often to find your NICHE. Don’t remain a person who is doing things just like everyone else.




What is success? It is a collection of series of problems solved successfully. You solve one problem then you solve another and then another and soon you have solved so many problems successfully that you reach where you want to. This is a very simple understanding of success. Many people I meet do want to become successful and at the same time, they want a problem-free life. They tend to avoid problems as long as they can and stay as far away from problems as they can.

However, a person on course to become a successful person is a PROBLEM SOLVER. He continuously solves problems in the work area, in personal life and at times for his friends or relatives too. He never shies away from problems. A CEO of a company will be continuously involved with solving problems. A top-level manager also does the same thing. A successful politician continues to solve problems as and when they come. A successful marriage is also a result of the problems successfully solved.

If you are the kind of person who want a problem-free life then it is very unlikely that you will scale the success mountain. Learn to acknowledge the fact that the more successfully you solve problems, the bigger the problems you solve, the more likely it is that you will reach success, Everest.



Human beings are highly motivated by results. When we get results in what we are attempting to do, we feel super confident and continue doing that. However, the problem occurs when in spite of our best efforts we fail to get the desired results. This is the moment of reckoning when most of the people decide to quit. Some give up easily whereas others hang on for a while before washing their hands off the venture.

There are very tenacious few who have the correct understanding of a successful journey. These are the people who persist right in the face of failures and disappointments. These are the people who continue with their efforts, results or not.

According to me, this is a very crucial ability to have because for most of the people results will be few or absent altogether in the beginning. You must have the ability to keep getting up daily and going to work even though you failed yesterday and day before. All the great success stories that we read or see is a sum of continuous effort in spite of not seeing results.

To do this you must have tremendous faith in yourself and in what you are doing. It is a very difficult thing to do but has to be done anyways. If you are lucky enough you may see early spectacular results. However, for most people, it is going to take time. So this faith and belief are absolutely necessary. To persist even if no results are visible on the horizon is a MUST.

To be successful in life a tremendous amount of patience is required. I have seen people quitting their jobs, starting a venture with the sole aim to get back to their last salary level in the shortest span of time. They forget that to reach that salary level they spent many precious years along with a lot of hard work. So having patience and being able to keep faith in spite of initial hiccups is a necessary quality to have.





When a child is learning to walk the parents try every possible way to help the kid. They hold hands, give the child some other form of support to walk. They may even take the child to a park or where similar kids are there seeing which the child may be inspired to walk. In short, parents will try every possible way to make the child walk. They will try unless the child learns to walk.

This is the type of flexibility that is needed. Once you start a venture, once you set out on the success journey, you need to have the flexibility to change course, to try a different approach, to take a different path. Many times people get stuck unto their initial path. They become adamant and rigid. They refuse to try a different way. This in turn starts their downfall.

So this type of progress intelligence is very important to have. You must be able to see whether things are moving as per your expectations. If not then you must be able to shift gears, shift directions and try something else. This type of flexibility is a very important quality to have.

Another type of flexibility necessary to have is to be able to listen to people. People fall in love with their own ideas and fail to even acknowledge someone else’s opinion or suggestion. All the great successful people are Learners. They are very open to learning from anyone and everyone. They are very observant to what people are doing or saying. They will always listen to a piece of advice whether solicited or given for free. Almost all the great leaders have mentors and teachers from whom they take inspiration and guidance. They have a set of people from whom they take opinions and suggestions. They do not feel threatened or irritated by anyone’s suggestion.

So this is another very important quality to have, the ability to listen to people patiently and ask for help, advice or suggestions.




It is said that the entire Human Race Communication before the advent of the internet can be stored in just 5 billion gigabytes. However, this space is enough to store only 2 days of communication today. This is the amount of data and communication and information the human race is creating every day. It is literally data chaos out there.

Throughout the day you are bombarded with thousands of messages trying to grab your attention. Right from the billboards and hoardings to social media and TV, everyone is trying to grab your attention day and night.

This creates a problem for all of us. It is now very difficult to give undivided attention to a task that you are doing. That is why the ability to have a laser focus becomes a must for you. Being able to focus at will is very important. All great creations take time to happen and with undivided attention, it happens faster and better.

If you are the kind of person who is continuously distracted and find it very difficult to focus on the work then it is going to be a very challenging journey for you.

One key point to remember is that we don’t have unlimited time on this planet. Plus we will not always remain healthy and young. So the amount of time you spend on your craft, your skills, your work the better the results you will be able to produce.

Steve Jobs use to rate this quality as the highest. There are many instances of famous musicians who were so focused on their creation that they forgot to eat the whole day. That is the type of focus that is needed. “LASER FOCUS” What does a laser do? It focuses light on a tiny dot and that focus makes the light so very powerful.

In the same way, if you can focus like a laser the amount of productivity and results that you produce will be amazing.