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Who is an Old person?

Is it a person who has passed a certain age or a certain threshold. Do we call a person old by the number of diseases they have or by the loss of teeth or dwindling vision? Does a person qualify to be called old when their hair turns grey or walking aids come into the picture?


Do we call a person Old who is fearful every day about how things can go wrong or someone who has given up on life already? Do you call that person Old who has lost all the excitement in life? Do we call that person Old who has little or no passion left in him/her to pursue their dreams and have accepted their fate in whatever situation they have got themselves in.

Do we call that person Old who has nothing else to do except finding faults in people around themselves all day, and who just can’t see anything good in people, people who have just stopped seeing the GOOD in people? Do we call those people Old who constantly blame the whole world for their problems and refuse to take responsibilities for their actions?

Are the person an old one if he/she sees no possibilities in the future and has lost hope about the future and resigned to fate and accepted whatever average comes by. Is that person Old who has lost the art of Love and being loved by others. Is that person old who cannot share his/her things and want to hang on the earthly possession they have.

What Should Young Feel Like?

What behavior and characteristics does a baby enter the world with? How do toddlers perform? What does the youngster possess?

A child is playful, curious, creative, observant, loving, Joyous and most importantly Always HAPPY. A child’s default mode is to forget and forgive very fast. The love, they care they explore they take risks they fail they try again. A child has unlimited possibilities and endless imagination. They are dreamers and they never fear. They do not rationalize their dreams so much. They are most willing to TRY. They adapt very fast and are very flexible in their approaches.

A child by nature is the world’s best salespeople. They carry an inherent skill of getting things they want in some way or the other. They come equipped to work their way into people’s heart.

This is what being Young feels like... Child-Like.

We adults don’t understand these feeling and behavior anymore. We consider it childish. However, remember that Mother Nature sends us into this world with it. CHILDLIKE is our default mode before it got corrupted by the conditioning by our OLD PEOPLE. Without this corruption of our mind and hearts, we would still be that childlike no matter what our age would be.

We are on this planet for a very limited period of time. There is no way we must live our remaining lives all old and grumpy. We have constantly been fed wrong notions about life. Since childhood, we have been conditioned by NO and DON’T. This has crippled us at an early age and this is the precise reason we have stopped being YOUNG. Young at heart, Young in our Minds.

Today when we look at the world around us, among our friend’s family’s colleagues, we see people who have Aged mentally way before their time. People whose hearts are no longer with that abundant energy and desire and hope that mother nature had bestowed upon us at the time of our birth.

All we see are people who are constantly living in FEAR. Fear of failure and Rejections. Fear of not being good enough or beautiful enough or rich enough or cool enough. Fear of not HAVING enough. Our minds and hearts have aged before time. Being childlike is our basic nature, however, that kid inside us is lost and we make do with make-ups and clothes to look young and cool. The beauty industry is a billion-dollar business; it helps us to put up a facade on our faces. Inside we have already crossed the threshold of age, long time back.

These childlike abilities that Mother Nature gave us was supposed to last us a lifetime. This is what we were supposed to be all our lives. Life was supposed to be play and fun however somehow, we seem to have lost it all.

So, ask yourself this question again. How Young are you on the INSIDE? How young would you be if you did not know, how old you were?

If you still find that CHILD inside you, I would consider you the luckiest person alive. When we were small we had different games to play. As we grow up we have studies to play with. After that, we have jobs/businesses to play with. Then we have relations and children to play with. As we age in numbers our games change but life must remain a PLAY a GAME. That playfulness must never ever go away from us. It’s our most natural state.

All the new games that have come into our lives are still a play, the rules are the same. We play, we win some, we lose some. We hurt ourselves or we hurt someone, we forgive and forget. We explore, we try we fail and we try one more time. We make friends, we lose some. We dream without worrying. We never rationalize those dreams. We try with full conviction. We don’t allow the fear of being judged hold us back.

So today before you go to bed, think about the child in you. We all have one. It is always there. call upon that child. Call upon that playfulness that has long been hidden inside you. Whatever you do, no matter how challenging the situation is PLAY IT OUT. It’s all part of the game. We win some, we lose some. Learn to forgive yourself and others. Most important become an uninhibited dreamer once AGAIN. MAKE YOURSELF YOUNG ONCE AGAIN, COZ AGE IS JUST A NUMBER.

If u look at any successful people they will always have some childlike attributes.