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One of the most Primal human need is to feel in control. To know in advance what is going to happen. We have a strange desire to seek the future. Humans spend a considerable amount of time and an awful lot of money in trying to predict the future. Right from our obsession with Nostradamus to astrology to tarot reading to complex financial software to predict the next big move on the stock market, we are just so occupied and obsessed with knowing the future. Since times and ages, mankind has always tried to know the future.

Most of our time is spent in Dreaming and thinking about future events. All our happiness and fears rely heavily on our ability or inability to comprehend the future. We build our castles in the future, we buy our cars in the future, we dream of a wonderful life in the future, we see a very healthy version of our self in the future.

We continuously try to build a very happy and KNOWN future for ourselves in our minds. In the same manner, all our fears and hesitations and inhibitions also lie in the future or are centered around the future. We try and build the future and at the same time, we are scared about it. We understand the reality or the fact that no matter how hard we try we just cannot control what is coming. This helplessness makes us very uncomfortable because somehow, we always want to feel in CONTROL.


Even a cursory look at the present in your life of my life shows a very startling fact. Almost everybody in their present moment seems to be playing a very safe and secure game. Although we are building the dreams in our head, we are not living them in our daily lives. We don’t seem to be preparing or executing the groundwork for those dreams.

Our desire to be in control, to know everything in advance makes us stick to the known, the safe, the predictable. You  will see people going to jobs that they don’t like, people in relations that are not at all fulfilling and at times abusive, talented people wasting their time in some mundane jobs, highly skilled people with lots of potential wasting it all away, talented children receiving the same school education that their parents received.


 We are too fearful to take risks; we are terrified of people or events that are not predictable. We despise the thought of being in a situation where we don’t know what is going to happen. We hate being in a situation where we don’t know how things will turn out. So, we continue with whatever condition we are in, even though it may not be the ideal situation. We tend to stick to situations and people who are known because that makes us feel safe and secure. It gives us a sense of control. Good or bad, at least we know what it is.

We love the known, no matter how bad it is. We hate the Unknown even if it is full of possibilities or gives us a better life.

So now we are faced with a terrible push and pull in our lives. Our basic instinct is to be in a known environment, whereas the future by nature is completely unknown. There are millions of variables that are beyond our control. We have all our dreams in our future, all our goals in the future, all our achievement to come will be in the future and at the same time we are terrified about the future because we don’t feel in control.

Now if you look at any success story, it is almost always a story of jumping into the unknown. A success journey is a Travelogue into the unpredictable and yet exciting road. All successful people at some point in their life decide to take the LEAP OF FAITH. There comes a time when they realize that they can no longer continue within the safe confines to TODAY. They realize that LIFE IS ALSO ABOUT the next moment which inherently is unpredictable. All success journey is a jump into the unknown.

They start with a few rupees or none, a small idea a faint picture of tomorrow, a rough business plan or maybe a few lines of code. It all starts like this. Nothing is perfect, nothing is known, nothing is absolutely clear. Every success journey starts with this JUMP.

This first person to make an Aeroplane or the light bulb, the first person to reach Mount Everest or the Moon, the first person to make a car or build a computer it all started with a leap of faith, a jump into the darkness, a flight into the unknown. Every love story you see begins with just a few heartbeats. It a jump into the darkness into the unknown. Every successful friendship started like this. Every successful venture started like this.

To really lead a fulfilling life at some point in your life you will have to move into the unknown sphere. We all have to enter a phase where we do not know what will happen, where we take risks, where we jump with faith, where we are no longer in control, where we can predict the outcome. To be really LIVING we must enter an unknown phase. We must cease to continue living in a safe and secure environment.

The present is known, within our control, clearly visible to us. We could be having a safe job or a predictable business, we may have children and families and a routine life where almost all the days start in the same fashion and end on the same note. We could be having a life like this and this could feel nice too.

However, the human spirit is meant to soar in the skies, to fly above and achieve greatness, to scale mountains and reach the moon, to make new inventions, to start new businesses, to advance the human race forward. This is what the human spirit is capable of.

So now the question to you today is:

Are you playing too safe?

Are you just building your dreams in your mind and at the same time looking for safety and security?

Can you at some point take the plunge into the unknown?

If not now then when would you take YOUR LEAP OF FAITH?